Ice Odyssey

RCCL Voyager of the Seas, 2005 to present

Updated lighting February 2011
Scenery Design by Robert Rang
Costumes Design by Pete Menafee
Lighting Design by Marcia Madeira
Programming by Christopher Young
Show Control & computer magic by Theo Tsevas

Photography by Marcia Madeira

Directed by Willy Bietak & Choreographed by Sarah Kawahara

The High Priestess

Tanika Gibbons
The High Priestess

The Moon watches
The Lovers

Alex and Sacha

Lovers and Moon
The Moon

The Hermit
Observes the Moon

The Hermit and The Moon
The Chariot

The Chariot
Final Bow

Cruise DIrector:
Casey Pelter

Final Bow